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Counselling teaches you how to connect authentically

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This post was born after watching Hedy Scheifer’s lecture in TED. Hedy tells us about a time when she felt a real connection to her mother, an Alzheimer’s sufferer. She speaks about how we can contaminate the space between each other and those we relate to. The space between you and a person you are in a relationship with, being your mother, your partner or your child is a sacred space. She explains how to improve the connection in your relationships, how to achieve a real encounter with another.


In counselling, we aim at creating a sacred space in which you can be yourself, whoever that is. Counselling is an encounter between two people who aim at being more authentic, more alive, learning about themselves and about the space they both inhabit. A counselling room is like a playground where you can explore who you are with no judgements. It is a playground where you can connect with another in a truthful way, learning about authenticity and real connection between human essence to human essence.

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