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5 tips for choosing the right counsellor


I heard somewhere that finding the right counsellor is as hard as finding the right life partner. That may be slightly exaggerated, but it is true that there is more to finding a counsellor than one might think. Here are 5 tips to choose the right counsellor for you:

  • Check your motivation for seeking counselling: What is bringing you to counselling at this moment? Are you looking to solve a specific issue or are you trying to change deep seated patterns that are causing your distress? If you are looking to look at a concrete issue, e. g. whether you need to leave your relationship, a counsellor, a psychologist and a psychotherapist will be able to help you. But if you are looking at changing your life patterns, you will need to commit to long-term psychotherapy with a qualified psychotherapist.
  • Search the online register of counsellors: Do a Google search, or visit the Counselling Directory or the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) or UKCP directory to find a qualified counsellor in Devon.

  • Check the counsellors’ qualifications: Once you find a counsellor in Devon whose website or profile you like, check their qualifications. There may be a counsellor or psychotherapist specialising in the issue that brings you to counselling, e. g. sexual abuse.
  • Book your first session: Many counsellors will see you for free or for a reduced fee on your first session. This will help you both ascertain whether you will work well together.
  • Trust your gut instinct: If you don’t feel at ease with the counsellor in your first session or sessions, please leave. There are many counsellors and not all of us work in a similar way. Try a different person. If you do feel at ease with your counsellor, but you still wish to leave, discuss it with your counsellor. Leaving people or situations may be an issue that is stopping you from living fully. This can be an opportunity for you to work through this pattern.

Ultimately, choosing the right counsellor will depend on your resources and what is available in your area. However, counselling can be life-changing, and it is well worth doing a bit of research before investing your time and your money in a counsellor. When you find the right counsellor for you, your life will take a turn into the right direction. Choosing a counsellor is very personal. The right counsellor for you may not be for another person and vice versa, so take your time, and trust your ability to choose the right counsellor in Devon.

2 thoughts on “5 tips for choosing the right counsellor

  1. You wrote that you should make sure that the counselor you choose is well qualified and specializes in the issues you want treated. I’d heard some emotional and mental issues required professional help to get over and I was wondering how someone would choose help. If they are well trained and qualified, it would be easier to trust them and that could help you start making progress quicker.


  2. That is correct, Rachel. A well trained and qualified counsellor will be able to help, especially if clients feel that it is easy to trust them.


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