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How I work

How I work

Research suggests that the main factor for a positive outcome in counselling and psychotherapy is a good working relationship between therapist and client. This relationship is different to any others that you can experience in your daily life. This is because counsellors and psychotherapists have been trained on how to create a relationship that will effect change. I work as a counsellor in Exeter and Teignmouth for many issues, including:

  • Loss, grief & mourning;
  • Sexual abuse & rape;
  • Anger processing;
  • Relationship & intimacy issues;
  • Depression;
  • Identity & cultural issues;
  • Anxiety & PTSD.

shutterstock_159843164In my work, I create a safe space where you will be able to explore what is causing your difficulties. This space will provide you an opportunity to find your own solutions, discovering your inner resources and strengths.

Based on the belief that each individual is unique, I adapt my work to each person, using the techniques and tools best suited to your personality and difficulties. To do so, I offer different modalities of counselling:

Talking Therapy: for those who are comfortable talking about their issues.

Tai Chi Therapy: for those who don’t find it easy to talk or wish to explore a movement-based approach.

Sandtray Therapy: for those who find it hard to experience feelings and get stuck in their thoughts.

Most of the time, these modalities overlap and you might start using one of them, then decide you wish to swap to another. In all of them, I draw from my knowledge of the following approaches:


If you belong to a culture different to the Western one, you may question whether counselling can help you at all, as your way of coping with your difficulties would be different if you were immersed in your own culture. Please bear in mind that I also offer Multicultural Therapy. Having grown up in a Latin culture, I experienced and studied Western counselling, and I have experience working with many diverse clients from different ethnic backgrounds and from different countries (DR Congo, Burundi, Algeria, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, UK, Ireland…). That makes me very aware of any cultural issues that may impact on our work together. This awareness benefits a positive outcome for counselling.

Languages available and interpreters

I am a Spanish native and I have a nearly native command of both English and French, so you can use any of these three languages. I also have a good command of Portuguese. If you wish to use an interpreter in your sessions to assist you with the language, please bring a professional one along.