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Multicultural Therapy

If you grew up in a culture different to the Western one, or in a family background different from the Western culture, you may need a counsellor who is aware of how cultural issues can impact on your work together. It is possible that issues, other than cultural ones, will bring you to therapy, such as:

  • Loss, grief & mourning;
  • Sexual abuse & rape;
  • Anger processing;
  • Relationship & intimacy issues;
  • Depression;
  • Identity & cultural issues;
  • Anxiety & PTSD.


Even though you came to therapy because of those issues, cultural differences may be underlying your experience. For example, if you are married to a person who has a different culture to yours and you are not able to communicate effectively together, your different views may clash and escalate to unnecessary conflict. You can explore these issues in counselling, understand what your values are, and learn how to communicate them to your close ones.

You may also wish to explore cultural and identity issues in counselling, such as:

  • Conflicting cultural values;
  • Identity questioning and confusion;
  • Conflict in intimate relationships;
  • Sadness at missing the old culture and relationships;
  • Isolation, not feeling understood;
  • Racism and race identity;
  • Strong anger at being treated differently.


You can explore these difficulties in a safe, non-judgemental environment in my private practice for counselling in Exeter or Teignmouth. I have worked with many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and issues. I am able to recognize cultural issues underlying other more visible difficulties. As the work progresses, we will be able to explore them and see how they are affecting your life. This will make you more aware of what may be creating your difficulties, facilitating change.

I work in English, Spanish and French. Click on the flags on the right hand-side for more information in your language.