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Tai Chi Therapy

Tai Chi Therapy is an approach that I offer based on many years of personal experience and knowledge of several disciplines, in order of relevance to my approach:

  1. Counselling and psychotherapy (Talking Therapy)
  2. Tai chi and qigong exercises
  3. Dance-based therapy and self-development approaches (experiential knowledge)
  4. Meditation

Tai chi and qigong are ancient Chinese practices that have been used for centuries to improve general well-being. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is no separation between body and mind, so mental health is treated in the same way as a physical illness. TCM is based on the belief that we have energy channels in our bodies. When the energy passes through our channels freely, we are healthy. If the energy is stuck somewhere (like a hose that gets entangled in a garden), we get sick. TCM heals by liberating the stuck energy (knot in the hose) using acupuncture, herbs, Tuina massage and qigong exercises. A qigong practitioner with over 10 years’ experience, I have been bringing this knowledge to other people for over 6 years and I have shared some of the exercises in my counselling practice with excellent results.


In my approach, qigong exercises (including tai chi) are a means to:

  • explore and learn about ourselves;
  • connect in a deeper level when words are too difficult;
  • relax our bodies when sitting meditation is too overwhelming;
  • create a safe space in which our bodies can express what they are holding inside.

It is similar to dramatherapy and dance movement therapy in the sense that we intend to create an embodied experience with the aim to understand our predicament. We do sit down and talk, but we also stand up and explore movement.

If this sounds too daunting, you can still choose ordinary counselling sessions. Please see Talking Therapy.