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Therapy Does Help

Talking Therapy

Counselling is often classified as a “talking therapy”. Many counsellors use other techniques, such as working with art or relaxation exercises, but the session mainly consists of a conversation between two people.

From the first session, I would encourage you to tell me what your difficulties are. You might surprise yourself at how much you have to say during this first session. During the following weeks, you will probably think that you don’t have much else to talk about, but you will find yourself exploring different issues and understanding them better.

When the time comes and you feel that you have resolved what you came to therapy for, you can decide to leave by telling me personally. We will then have a final session to put an end to our work together.

shutterstock_229663939Depending on what your issues are, you might need to come for only a few weeks, or you may need to embark on long-term counselling, also called psychotherapy. How long you stay in therapy will depend on your progress and how many things you wish to change in your life. I am both a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, so I will be able to accompany you during your entire journey.

If talking sounds daunting or you would like to explore a different approach to counselling, I also offer Tai Chi Therapy and Santray Therapy. Tai chi therapy is a combination of talking therapy and movement using the ancient healing arts of tai chi and qigong. Sandtray Therapy involves working with sand and miniatures placed on a sandtray. Some discussion may take place.